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Please remember to come in wearing P.E. kit on Wednesdays and Fridays. We plan to start using the field from October 2nd so pack a coat and I suggest you wear jogging bottoms and a warm top. Bring a coat. Remember to bring suitable footwear for being on the field.


Work for children in Sapphire who are self-isolating

Spellings for Oct 19th, November 2nd and November 9th

Year 5 Maths Homework set on 16.10.20: Complete pages 19 and 28 of the Maths C.G.P. book. The topics are equivalent fractions, factors and prime numbers.

Homework 9.10.20


Please complete the second CGP Comprehension activity in your book.


In addition to the spellings your child received on Monday, some are struggling to spell words to do with where they live. Please practise spelling: Harpenden; Hertfordshire and Britain.


Felt Tip Pens

If possible, please bring in felt tip pens that you child can leave in school. This is because while we have some in school, we are trying to reduce sharing in our efforts to be as Covid Secure are we can be.



If your child would like to bring in ear defenders to wear during longer, independent tasks, this will be allowed.


Thank you,


Mr. Carr

Homework Schedule


Spelling homework is set on a Monday and is marked the following Monday.


Maths and Reading Comprehension will be set on alternate weeks. These tasks will generally be set on a Friday and due in the following Thursday. Year 4 Maths will be set on a Thursday and due in the following Thursday.


Please keep practising reading every day.


Year 4 Maths 15/10/20 - Please complete two pages, 6 and 9 of the Maths CPG Question Book. Bring the book back into school on Thursday 22nd November. Pupils will mark and discuss their answers in class. Normally there is two weeks for completion but due to the half term break I think it would be better to review work sooner rather than leave it for three weeks. Thank you Mrs Birss




Year 5 Maths Homework 2.10.20

Comprehension Homework set on 25.9.20

Please complete the first comprehension task in your C.G.P. book.

For all comprehension activities (not just this piece), where possible (e.g. retrieval or inference questions) underline where you found your answer and write the question number next to it. Circle that number. This is to encourage you to prove where you found your answer and not rely on what you can remember from the text. It also increases your likelihood of being accurate which is very important when you have to copy something.



If the questions is worth two marks, make two points. Always try to justify what you say.

Where sensible, include the word 'because' in your answer. Check the spelling of 'because'. To help you remember the spelling,  you may like to use mnemonics such as: 'Big elephants can't always use small exits' or 'Big elephants can't always understand small elephants'.


Please bring it on Thursday, October 1st. You are always welcome to bring in homework early and it is helpful if you do.


Enjoy Harvest celebrations.


Mr. Carr





Spelling Homework 21.9.20

Spelling Homework 14.9.20 - Other tasks: read daily and practise Times Tables

Ideas for children who are learning at home (Sept)

Daily timetable for home use

What Sapphire will study during Autumn Term