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General Information

The Academic Year

Pupils attend for 190 days in the school year. Parents are notified of term dates at the beginning of each school year. Five days in the school year are set aside for the professional development and training activities for staff (INSET Days). One day, an Occasional Day, is taken during the school year. Please see for term dates.


Safeguarding Statement

St Nicholas Primary School is committed to the protection and safety of its pupils and rigorously follows Hertfordshire's procedures on safeguarding. All staff and volunteers are required to have a Disclosure and Baring Services (DBS) check before commencing duties at the school.  A copy of our Child Protection Policy is available on the website or from the School Office.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

St Nicholas Primary is an inclusive school. Some children experience greater difficulties than average for those in the same age group. These children are then offered extra support in their work and may sometimes be identified as having Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. We strive to ensure that children with SEND have equality of opportunity to succeed, that their individual talents are recognised and that they reach their full potential.


The school follows the SEND criteria set by the Local Authority.  The school implements the SEND Code of Practice and children with difficulties are placed on the school SEND register, which is confidential to their parents and staff.  The children's progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals by the Inclusion Co-ordinator, the class teacher and parents.  The school is also able to access many support agencies in order to support children with specific difficulties and we work closely with all outside professionals.


Children with SEND are supported in a variety of ways. Children may work in small groups with a Teaching Assistant. This usually occurs within the classroom, but on occasions it may be more appropriate to withdraw the group, or an individual child, to work outside the classroom.


The school policy for SEND and Inclusion is also available for parents to view either from the School Office or via the website


Pupil Welfare and Pastoral Care

We promote the health and safety of all our children and provide a caring and supportive environment which seeks to take account of the needs of all the children. No form of bullying is tolerated at the school and we have a very clear Anti-Bullying Policy


Behaviour and Discipline

Behaviour at the school is of a very high standard. At the heart of our policy is the aim of encouraging all pupils to take and accept responsibility for themselves, to develop high standards of self-discipline, social awareness and consideration for others. Parents and children are asked to read, sign and adhere to our Home/School Agreement


The children are encouraged to look after each other. Each Reception child has a Buddy from Year 6 who cares for them at lunchtimes and playtimes. All classes have responsibilities around the school and children from the oldest classes sort out minor disputes in the playground through a Peer Mediation scheme.  Our Playground Leaders organise games and activities throughout break times to ensure that all of our pupils are included and have fun.


The school encourages good behaviour through a number of reward systems. Children may receive a Headteacher’s Award, an Star of the Week Award or a Good Citizen Award.



Security issues are given a high priority, but we try to balance these with the need for the school to be Accessible to the community and conform to fire regulations.


The front door is protected by an electronic entry system. All visitors have to report to the School Office and are asked to sign the visitors’ book. The children’s gate is opened at the beginning and end of the school day. A member of staff is there both to greet the children and also to observe anyone entering the premises. During the day this gate and the gate to the Church Hall are locked.


The school premises are protected by a security alarm system, CCTV and security lights to minimise the risks of burglary and vandalism. We ask all parents and friends of the school to be vigilant and inform us of anything which seem suspicious or unusual.