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At St Nicholas School, we enrol girls and boys from Reception through to Year 6, with 22 children in each year group. Children are taught by our team of highly professional and committed teachers. The school roll is 154 with children divided into five, mixed aged classes as follows:


Class Garnet - Reception and Year 1

Class Topaz - Years 1 and 2

Class Emerald - Years 2 and 3
Class Sapphire - Years 4 and 5

Class Diamond - Years 5 and 6


Children are organised in classes based upon their date of birth. In line with the school's commitment to the needs of individual pupils, we ensure equality of entitlement and opportunity for both boys and girls throughout the school.


Teaching Assistants work in all classes, acting under the direction of the teachers, to support the children's learning. Our Inclusion Coordinator, who does not have responsibility for a class, works part time and is responsible for overseeing the needs of our least and more able children. The school population is a comparatively small one, helping create a close knit community for children and their families. Most children are able to identify all their peers at "St. Nick's"; this enables a culture of caring and pride which is evident throughout the school.


This sense of pride and belonging is also reflected in our House system. Every child belongs to one of our four Houses, each named after one of the four Saints of the British Isles. Good work, behaviour or effort is rewarded by house points.  A number of inter-House events are organised throughout the year and special, fun reward activities sessions are held termly.


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